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How I Keep Warm In This Bitterly Cold February

posted on 7 February 2012 | posted in Fashion Tips

The weather just keeps taunting me as of late, as if to say "think THAT was cold? Really? Try THIS". Every week it's getting colder and colder and it's having to make me think more creatively about my fashion strategies - to stay warm AND fashionable in these cold weeks ahead. Well I have my mainstay with me - my leopard print top keeps me very warm, and no matter what I wear with it, I just look great. I think if you can find one item that just seems to fit with your wardrobe, you've lucked out - and that's how I feel about this top of mine. Still, I can't wait for the spring, since most of my wardrobe is geared around warmer weather!

Contrary to my advice to stay both fashionable and warm, I've seen women out and about who seem to be utterly oblivious to the cold weather - they're dressed for the spring and summer, while carefully walking over the snowy ground! It's ridiculous, and the fact that they look so cold just adds to their inappropriate look. Fashion is about comfort as much as it is about pure aesthetics - and if you don't look comfortable, people pick up on that and your look is ruined.

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