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Celebrity Fashion: How Much Does It Influence The High Street?

posted on 26 April 2010 | posted in Fashion News

It would seem sometimes that z-list celebrities are virtually there to be mannequins for the fashion industry. When you see them in the Daily Mail gossip columns, and all you're told about is what they're wearing and not what they're doing, you do begin to wonder, don't you? Are we really meant to be in awe of such people, or they are reported about for other reasons? Why are we always told about what they are wearing? When you stop to think about it, more questions are raised.

But does Celebrity Fashion really influence what people wear in the high street? To a certain extent I think it does. With reality television as well, advertising is a lot more subtle. Since it's "real", people tend not to notice product placement because they're told the environment is absolutely natural. This is what marketers love - faking sincerity.

However, this is to completely forget about peer pressure and the high street itself that can also start fashion trends. Younger people with time on their hands love to start up new trends themselves - often subverting and altering clothing to create new styles themselves. Although many people want to identify with celebrities, many others do not (arguably most people do not). This is the limiting reach of celebrity - really we're watching but not exactly caring about these people. There's a certain amount of schadenfreude going on when we hear about some celebrity or other's misfortune, for example.

Celebrity exerts a certain amount of influence on fashion, but ultimately it it were to be all empowering, there would be a backlash to it as the public aren't so easily fooled. The celebrities of today tend to have the singular talent of being photogenic - and the public can often see through the hype that the media exerts on us.

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